No need to pay for your email marketing account.

No need to pay for your email marketing account.

Email marketing is an essential tool to any one in business.  Whether you operate a brick and mortar business or an online business you need an autoresponder to maintain contact with your prospects, leads and clients.  While email marketing can be expensive, it does not have to be.  My email marketing an autoresponder company is reliable, has awesome deliverability rates and has been in business for over 20 years.  That is why it is trusted by me a thousands of other online marketers.

Not only does it provide email marketing tools itself, but also capture pages and link trackers that can be expensive if you get them elsewhere.  Why pay for a service that most companies charge you as your list grows, when you can get it with the company I use, Trafficwave for free or low cost.

How can it be free?  Trafficwave has an affiliate program that pays you in four different ways when you refer other businesses and entrepreneurs to it.  I started with them back in 2019 and have only paid my first month and have not paid since then.  Even as my list continues to grow I can male unlimited times to them and don’t pay any additional costs.  Gotta love it!

Getting email marketing services free is certainly a worthy goal. Referring just one new customer in a month will results in a Fast Track Bonus of 100% of the sales volume. Recurring subscriptions contribute to a monthly residual income. Many affiliates have referred enough customers that their commissions effectively cover their monthly email marketing costs.

Others have taken on the position of focusing on building a larger referral base. They are bringing on new customers and teaching other affiliates on their team to do the same. These affiliates are able to qualify for a Leadership Bonus in addition to weekly Fast Track Bonuses and Regular Monthly Commissions.

Some affiliates are able to earn thousands of dollars each month by participating in our affiliate plan. Others are more interested in referring just enough to get email marketing services free from TrafficWave.  Which category do you fit it?

We invite you to join our team and begin using these powerful tools in your list building efforts.

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